Friday, August 29, 2008

Ex-Servicemen Commission to come on the line of Sixth Pay Commission

By Khabrein.Info Correspondent,

New Delhi, Aug 29, 2008: It is a good news for former defence personnel. The Union government is planning to launch an Ex-Servicemen Commission on the lines of sixth Pay Commission. The announcement was made by the Indian Defence Minister AK Antony.

Several senior officials in armed forces who had been complaining that they had been given a raw deal by sixth pay commission can now have a sigh of relief. The minister said that the government has earmarked a huge amount to take care of the grouses of the sixth pay panel.

An army official while writing to complains the unfair treatment to armed forces personnel. He says, “The pay commissions have always been singularly unfriendly to the men in uniform may be because our call of duty does not permit us to protest. I am a group captin with 32 years plus service and yet to be considered for my promotion because of limitations of pyramidical structure. My salary at this time is Basic pay 17350+ Rank Pay 2000+ Stagnation pay 900. Total 20250. Initially I was placed in PB 3 where I would have achieved highest of Rs 39100 within an year or so. Stagnation pays are so common to Armed Forces officers because the salary band are so narrow (suiting only IAS offices who get promoted before acquiring highest of the pay band. Not many of my civilian colleagues will believe that I reached my highest possible pay more than three years back and has to wait there till promotion board (if it ever does) comes up”.

He goes on to say, “There is a genuine need to have extended scales for armed forces. And please do not forget that I hope to retire at 56 and look desperately for second career to meet my unfinished commitments”.

This official is not the only one complaining about the unfairness of the Sixth Pay Panel towards armed forces. Even Indian Air Force chief was forced to write about it due to anomalies in pay structure.
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