Friday, September 12, 2008

Six Pay Commission Salary Calculator | 29 August 2008 Gazette | Arrears Calculator | Six Pay Commission

This calculator can be used both for military as well as civilian personnel. It is to be used in conjunction with the following file Office Memo of Finance Ministry

After downloading the above file please check your basic as on 1/1/2006 and the corresponding “grade pay” and “Revised Pay in Pay Band”. Enter these figures in the yellow boxes in the given table. You should enter your increment amount in the relevant field and increment month should be in numbers not alphabets. e.g. If your increment month is May then type 5 in the box.

This table gives details about three allowances e.g. HRA/TA/CCA. Besides that other allowances can be added and put in the CCA column. e.g. if there are few other allowances besides HRA/TA then add all those allowances and put them in the CCA column.

Military personnel will have different grade pays which can be typed in the yellow box in the calculator.
Also to note is that there is no separate ‘Calculate’ button to press like in the previous pension calculator. As you type the figures in the table will update themselves automatically.

Hope this works for you. Also you should have Java installed on your Web Browser for both Pension and Salary calculator to show up on your screen. If the Calculator shows half way then use the scroll bars to see the entire calculator.

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