Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saas Bahu Aur Sensex an unlikely film for an Indian

By Khabrein.Info Correspondent,
Image Mumbai, Sept 18, 2008: Saas Bahu Aur Sensex is an unlikely film for an Indian cinemagoer. Indian films have always been known to portray the country in an era when the country was in fact altogether different from what it is now.

It was an era where poverty ruled and the wealth had not as opulently come to the Indian middle class as is now the case.

Despite things improving considerably our directors and producers have still to think in modern day terms.

They still set scenes bereft of technology, and mostly fail to connect to hip hopping youngster of today who grows up on daily diet of Hollywood blockbusters.

Luckily Saas Bahu Aur Sensex is a film that is set in a modern, prosperous and developing India. When it is released later tomorrow I am sure the Indian youth would be able to connect to the theme more easily.

The director chose to make this film to make more people aware of the fact that our economy is growing and it's the right time to make wise investments and make money. Indians are terrific progressive people and this film shows that in a light hearted way.
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