Wednesday, September 24, 2008

India to make its presence felt in space with launch of 1st moon mission

India to make its presence felt in space with launch of 1st moon mission
Khabrein.Info Correspondent,

Bangalore, Sept 24, 2008: India is set make its presence felt in the space with the launch of its first mission to moon. It is a big achievement for a country that just over a decade ago was known more for snake charmers, abject poverty, backwardness and corruption.

But things have changed and certainly for better when it comes to economic prosperity and scientific advancements.

Now consistent impressive performance in the economic filed in the last decade has seen India’s graph going up in the international arena.

India is taken as an important member of the world fraternity and an economic powerhouse of the world that has potential to become a superpower.

Though India’s human rights performance has been dismal in the last decade with right wing Hindu chauvinists targeting two large minorities of the country, Christians and Muslims but it has not hindered India’s ascendance to the big league in the space.

This is a dream for any nation. And India is going to fulfill its long cherished dream on this coming 22nd October. Everyone is unanimous on one thing. If India’s Moon project is successful, it will be something for everyone to cheer loudly about. The Moon is Earth’s single important natural satellite, and as planetary moons go, it is unusually large in size compared to Earth.
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