Sunday, September 28, 2008

How Sarah Palin vowed middle America

By Ujvala Stathis

Sarah Palin's emergence as the vice-presidential running mate of US Republican Presidential candidate John McCain has catapulted the 44-year-old "hockey mother" of five into the spotlight of critical acclaim. Her political inexperience and, as the opposition Democrats allege, her "zero foreign policy experience" - a na‹ve comment on Russia is being quoted as an example - have made many baulk at McCain's selection. However, Palin the first female governor of Alaska, does have her set of ardent supporters, particularly amongst the women of Middle America.

Considered a rising star in the Republican Party and its youngest chief executive, Palin, who becomes the first woman to serve on a GOP presidential ticket and the first Alaskan to appear on a national ticket, made her national debut at the Republican National Convention. Her audience comprised tens of thousands and an estimated television audience of over 40 million.

Her 36-minute address at the convention left many working mums admiring Palin for being the "average concerned mother, yet, one with the passion for public service". "This is America, and every woman can walk through every door of opportunity, " she said to a cheering crowd.

Following the speech in which Palin touched upon her efforts as Governor to cut state expenses and generate fuel - controversially by also tapping Alaskan oil - a female senator from the state, Lisa Murkowski, exclaimed, "America has seen one tough dynamic woman they will be able to put their confidence in."
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