Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Android phone to cost $199 in US, and £100 in UK?

Android phone to cost $199 in US, and £100 in UK?

Clever pricing will see the Android compete with the iPhone in more ways than one

More news regarding the Android phone from HTC and T-Mobile, it appears the Wall Street Journal has let it slip that the open source handset will cost just $199 in the US.

That makes it £100 in the UK, if we get a friendly conversion rate, and only a pound more than the £99 it costs to get an iPhone 3G from O2 (on a £30 and £35 per month contract). Someone at T-Mobile's HQ obviously pulled a late night crunching the numbers.

Us living in the UK still haven't caught wind on the UK announcement, however it's believed that when the Google Android mobile phone is debuted on the 23rd of September in New York, it will come with a T-Mobile 2-year contract attached.

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