Thursday, September 25, 2008

China launch Shenzhou 7 for their first space walk

China successfully launched Shenzhou 7 for their first space walk and the first module of a space station.

This is third Chinese manned mission. The Shenzhou VII lifted up into the nightime sky at approximately 9:10pm(13:10GMT).

The capsule contained 3 Chinese Taikonauts and the mission will include a space walk on Saturday. The Shenzhou consist of a modified Soyuz capsule that the chinese have made major modifications and updates. The Chinese Shenzhou program began in 1992.

The three-day mission is part of Project 921, China's ambitious manned space program, and is expected to include the first Chinese attempt at a space walk. Success would make China only the third country to accomplish a space walk, after Russia and the United States.
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