Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yuvvraaj: Movie Review

Director: Subhash Ghai
Cast: Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Katrina Kaif

Drona and Love Story 2050 have competition in vying for the position of the most disappointing films of 2008. Yuvvraaj is a potential contender. It's not just a bad film but a boring film. And a boring film can be much more taxing than a bad one.

It no more surprises that Ghai could make such a shoddy film, especially after he has reinstated our despair through duds like Yaadien and Kisna. In fact he washes away the diminutive hope that one might have had after Black and White.

Yuvvraaj starts as the story of Deven (Salman Khan in his anglicized accent), a chorus singer in Prague. Love is literally in the air as he starts floating around rainbows (without any flying colours) while dreaming of marrying an eternally cello-playing Anushkha (Katrina Kaif). The age-old aamir-ladki garib-ladka formula is thrown into picture with the girl's father objecting to their marriage. There is a strong Munnbhai MBBS hangover to the plot with Boman Irani posing as the father and moreover playing a doctor in the laughter-therapy mode.

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