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Terrorist attack in Mumbai, India and some important books on terrorism

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Terror's Last Gasp in Kashmir

By K.S. Rajamani

Terrorism in India's North-East : A Gathering Storm

By Ved Prakash

Terrorism Strikes

By Basetty Narsing Rao

Terror in Punjab : Narratives, Knowledge and Truth

By Ram Narayan Kumar

International Terrorism: Challenges of 21 Century

By Dasarathi Bhuyan

Globalization of Terror : A Threat to Global Economy

By Niranjan Das

Global Terrorism

By Md. Elyas

Global Terrorism

By Ashok Bhatt

From the Terrorists Point of View : What They Experience and Why They Come to Destroy

By Fathali M. Moghaddam

The Folds of Insurgency

By A.P. Maheshwari

Encyclopaedia of Bioterrorism

By SK Prasad

Dying to Kill Us

By Robert Brown

The Truth of Terrorism

By Hanif Tarin

Terrorism and Militancy : History and Problems

By Neera Khetrpal

International Encyclopaedia of Bioterrorism and Biological Weapons, Vols. I and II

By Md. Elyas

Global Terrorism : Ideology and Operation

By Robert Allison

Counterinsurgency and the Global War on Terror : Military Culture and Irregular War

By Robert M. Cassidy

Women as Weapons of War : Iraq, Sex and the Media

Kelly Oliver

Goodbye Shahzadi: A biography of Benazir Bhutto

By Shyam Bhatia

The Assassination of Benazir Bhutto

By Yasir Hussain

Terrorism Resistance and Islam : A Study of 7/7 London Bombings
By Obaidullah Fahad
ISBN: 8183871198
Physical Description: 316 pages
Year of Publication: 2007

Transnational Terrorism : Perspectives on Motives, Measures and Impacts
By Amulya Tripathi Chintamani Mahapatra
ISBN: 8184050363
Physical Description: 446 pages
Year of Publication: 2007

A to Z Of Terrorist Organisations of the World
By PK Das
ISBN: 8184200898
Year of Publication: 2007

Cross-Border Terrorism In South Asia
By PK Das
ISBN: 8184200904
Physical Description: 312 pages
Year of Publication: 2007

Islamic Fundamentalism in South Asia
By R.K.P. Multani
ISBN: 8184200737
Physical Description: 320 pages
Year of Publication: 2007

Al Qaeda's Great Escape : The Military and the Media on Terrors Trail

By Philip Smucker

ISBN: 8170492610, Publisher:Manas

Anti-Terrorism Laws : India, The United States, The United Kingdom and Israel

By K.R. Gupta

ISBN: 8126901381, Publisher:Atlantic

Baghdad Burning : A Young Womans Diary from a War Zone


ISBN: 8188965340, Publisher:Women Unlimited


By L.R. Reddy

ISBN: 8176483117, Publisher:APH

Biological Espionage : Special Operations of the Soviet and Russian Foreign Intelligence Services in the West

By Alexander Kouzminov

ISBN: 8170493072, Publisher:Manas

Biological Weapons and Terrorism

By G.C. Satpathy

ISBN: 8178351684, Publisher:Kalpaz Pub

Bioterrorism: Threat of Massive Global Destruction

By R. C Mishra

ISBN: 8172731078, Publisher:Authors Press

Combating Terrorism

By M.G. Chitkara

ISBN: 8176484156, Publisher:APH

Combating Terrorism : The Legal Challenge

By Arnab Goswami

ISBN: 812410851X, Publisher:Har-Anand

Dictionary of Terrorism and Bioterrorism

By Karan Raj

ISBN: 8178900406

Emergence of Terrorism : The Role of Western Countries

By Larry Burchall

ISBN: 8126904119, Publisher:Atlantic

Encyclopaedia of International Terrorism

Verinder Grover

ISBN: 8176293040, Publisher:Deep & Deep

Encyclopaedia of International Terrorism

Giriraj Shah

ISBN: 8126110449, Publisher:Anmol

Encyclopaedia of Jihad

R.K. Pruthi

ISBN: 812611116X, Publisher:Anmol

Global Jihad : Current Patterns and Future Trends

Rajeev Sharma

ISBN: 8174790535

Global Terrorism : Foreign Policy in the New Millennium

Ramesh Chandra

ISBN: 8178352400

Global Terrorism : Melting Borders, Hardened Walls

Pravin N. Sheth

ISBN: 8170339502

Global Threat of Muslim Fundamentalism : Are Islam and the West on a Collision Course?

Naunihal Singh

ISBN: 8174873910

Holy Warriors : A Journey into the Heart of Indian Fundamentalism

Edna Fernandes

ISBN: 067005870X, Publisher:Penguin

Imperial Hubris : Why the West is Losing the War on Terror

ISBN: 8170492629

International Terrorism and the Contemporary World

Satish Chandra Pandey

ISBN: 8176256382

Islamic Terrorism : Myth or Reality

M.H. Syed

ISBN: 817835117X

Jihadi Terrorism : Making of a World War?

Shashi B. Sahai

ISBN: 8121209056

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