Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goyal under pressure, Jet Airways reinstates sacked employees

By Khabrein.Info Correspondent,

Mumbai, Oct 17, 2008: Under immense pressure from political parties as well as the government Naresh Goyal of Jet Airways reinstated 1900 sacked employees.

This must come a big relief to the Jet Airways employees who were sacked without prior notice. But the employees should not be complacent as Goyal gave enough hints that they may negotiate lower salaries with the sacked employees.

Earlier labour ministry had spoken against the retrenchment, though it had said that most of the employees sacked were on probation for les than one year.

But the biggest pressure came from political parties like Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and Samjwadi Party that said that he decision was unjustified and that they may not allow Jet airplanes from landing and taking off from Mumbai airports.
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velaboy said...

This is a bad for business and employment both. It is a LOSE-LOSE situation.

Companies will be loath to hire anyone, thereby lakhs of jobs will no longer be created.
Companies would shy away from setting up in India.

If Employees can resign and go anytime citing better opportunities, why can't employer ask a employee to leave citing bad economic conditions?

For readers to chew on:
Jet has defaulted on payment for ATF Fuel in the last week. What does it say about its condition?