Saturday, October 4, 2008

Teachers welcome 70% pay hike by UGC’s Pay Review Committee

By Khabrein.Info Correspondent,

New Delhi, Oct 5, 2008: Teaching bodies have welcomed the 70% pay hike as suggested by UGC’s Pay Review Committee. The University Grants Commission (UGC) that had formed a committee to look into the university teachers and staff’s pay had submitted its report two days ago recommending across the board pay hike of approximately 75 percent.

Earlier he teachers were up in arms against the Chaddha Committee as the committee is called for the delay in submitting the report. The teachers say that when everyone was getting pay hikes they were left in lurch due to the delay caused by the inability of the committee to submit its report.

But the actual submission of the report has made teachers more than happy. Many said that they had expected the same pay hike as recommended by Sixth Pay Commission.

Sixth Pay Commission had recommended almost 30 percent pay hike for the Central government employees. The almost 70 percent pay hike makes a professor’s salary at par with that of IAS officers.
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