Saturday, October 4, 2008

UGC Pay Review Committee report is out

By Khabrein.Info Correspondent,

New Delhi, Oct 4, 2008: Finally after much delay and heartburns among teaching fraternity the UGC Pay Review Committee report is out. The report is not just out it has given a high to teaching fraternity in universities and UGC affiliated colleges.

The Chaddha Committee report as UGC Pay Review Committee is commonly known submitted its report Friday recommending almost 70 percent pay hikes to professors, lecturers, university librarians and other support staff working in universities and UGC affiliated colleges.

The University Grants Commission’s report also makes some very welcome recommendations including changing the names of teaching staff in the universities.

A lecturer will be called an assistant Professor while there will be new positions like senior associate professor, senior professor and professor of eminence.

The Chaddha Committee recommendations are being seen as a quantum jump for teachers in terms of pay and working conditions and to be submitted to the Union ministry of human resource development soon, is also going to be strict on non-performing teachers who would be assessed by a selection committee and students every year. The appraisal report would be used as a reference at the time of promotions. For greater involvement, teachers would be required to spend at least 5 hours per day for five days a week in college/university.
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Sattanand said...

Where to get help for University retired teachers for their pension fixation and redresal of grievance thereupon.

Sattanand said...

Four increments are given if one is Ph.D at the time of recruitment. Here recruitment means date of application or date of selection ?

Sattanand said...

A selection grade lecturer / associate professor if retired after rendering 33 years of service before 01.01.2006 would get more pension as compared to a professor retiring on 18450/- with 32 years 6 months service due to sixth pay commission revision whereas the basic pay and pension both of the professor were more. Is there any remedy ? Is is not unfair ?