Friday, October 3, 2008

Pay Review Committee of UGC submits its report

By Khabrein.Info Correspondent,

New Delhi, Oct 3, 2008: Finally the Pay Review Committee of UGC submitted its report ending months of uncertainty.

University teachers and other staff were disappointed when the Chadha committee did not submit its report last month prompting teachers union to organize large scale protests against the delay of sixth pay commission for professors, lecturers and other university and college employees.

But the submission of report will certainly give a boost to sagging morale of university teachers who were feeling neglected and let down by the University Grant Commission.

A dejected Delhi University professor in a response wrote, “Dear Prof. Chaddha, Rather than promising too much, please announce your recommendations as soon as possible. It is mental bankruptcy on the part of the UGC to refer so many complicated issues of the higher education to the Committee. They should have created two committees with some kind of coordination. It would have hastened the process”.

But as the report of Pay Review Committee of UGC is finally out, teachers should have a sigh of relief.
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Anup said...

The Pay scales proposed for Associate Prof/Selection grade is ending at about 39000.Most of the teachers are going to be fixed around this basic so no increment. .