Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah Palin's was a superior performance

Sarah Palin's was a superior performance

By Kaleem Kawaja

In the last 2 weeks most of the US media and many a misogynists in US condemned Gov Sarah Palin of Alaska and the Republican VP nominee in most derogatory terms. In fact many men even used comments and expressions in describing her than can not be printed. Almost 95% plus of these critics including all the Pundits and Talking heads on the media and columnists were unanimous that she was a disgrace to the ticket who should immediately step down. All these folks were sure that in the debate tonight she was going to collapse in disgrace and become a national embarassment for America.

But almost all who watched the Palin-Biden VP debate tonight saw her put up a superior performance. Palin a much younger woman who has been governor for 2 years and was unknown outside Alaska just 5 weeks ago, was pitted against Biden, an important senator for 36 years and a nationally known figure. She came on strong, crisp, forthright and convincing and demonstrated very good understanding of issues of importance. A large number of Pundits and Talking heads in the media, except the die hard critics, agreed that she put up a superior performance in the debate.
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