Monday, October 13, 2008

Tata’s Nano has a competitor in Ajanta’s Oreva E

By Khabrein.Info Correspondent,

ImageAhmedabad, Oct 13, 2008: Ajanta’s electric car Oreva E is all set to give serious competition to Tata’s Nano car. The company that mainly built wall clocks besides some other electronic item has displayed a demo model of the product at one of its showrooms in Rajkot, Gujarat.

The news must come as big disappointment to Tatas who have been struggling hard to keep up with the tentative launch date as well as keep the promised Rs 1 lakh price of their car intact.

Tatas are already late for Nano as they had said that they will launch the lakhtakia car (Rs 1 lakh car) in October. Singur gave them some very tough moments and they were forced to settle for another site in Gujarat’s Sadanand.

This must have stressed up the company management and would have put on extra load over Tatas who were already complaining about the shooting costs for the yet to be launched car.

Ajanta’a Oreva Super is an electric car which could just be the country's first one lakh car, made by the Ajanta Group, a Saurashtra-based clockmaker.

Though the Oreva Super was in the pipeline for a while, sources say production at its plant in Kutch recently moved into top gear.

Oreva Automobile’s Yogesh Tank says, “This is the first model out on display. I can't share any more details about it as we have been asked to be tight-lipped for sometime. It is just a fabulous car and very economic in these days of rocketing fuel prices”.

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