Sunday, October 5, 2008

McCain campaign targets Obama as too risky

McCain campaign targets Obama as too risky

Associated Press
2008-10-05 03:45 PM

Falling behind in the polls one month before Election Day, Republican John McCain stepped up efforts to portray Barack Obama as too unacceptable for American voters. His vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin accused the Democratic nominee of "palling around with terrorists."

The onus is on McCain to turn the race around under exceptionally challenging circumstances. With the economic crisis working to Obama's advantage, the Democratic nominee has surged into the lead in both national polls and surveys of key battleground states, including Republican-leaning Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.

Palin's attack on Saturday came after McCain's advisers indicated the Arizona senator's campaign will ramp up his attacks in the coming days with a tougher, more focused message describing "who Obama is," including questioning his character, "liberal" record and "too risky" proposals.

Obama's advisers, in turn, say he will argue in the campaign's closing weeks that McCain is unable to articulate an economic vision that is different from President George W. Bush's unpopular policies.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton campaigned for the Demcoratic ticket on Saturday, calling McCain not a maverick but a "mimic" of Bush and saying the Arizona senator offered voters "more of the same."

Obama sharply criticized McCain's health care proposals Saturday as "radical," saying they could force millions of Americans to struggle to buy medical insurance. Republican officials accused Obama of lying as the campaign took an ever nastier tone.

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