Tuesday, September 9, 2008

6th Pay Commission: Pensioners speak against disparities

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New Delhi, Sept 10, 2008: Pensioners have been speaking against disparities in the 6th Pay Commission recommendation as well as actual notification issued by central government.

Union Government accepted Sixth pay Commission recommendations on 14th August and issued notification on 30th August.

Pensioners seems to be totally dissatisfied with disparities and anomalies in 6th Pay Commission.
Here are some views of pensioners:


Defence pensioners are denied the benefit which Maj. Dhanapalan achieved after fighting a prolonged legal battle. But the pity is govt. has not rectified their mistake to other officers similarly placed and suffering silently. At some time or other, the govt must rectify their mistakes in pension to pre-1996 pensioners. Otherwise it would be a thankless govt. and cpc.

VK Bhasin

The new paybands is detrimental to pensioners as many posts/scales have been fitted into one common payband with grade pay which is virtually broad persons with higher grade into lower pension range as earlier payscales were distinct narrow and while fixation of pension , even starting of scale was not affecting the pension of employees so widely.

Now with wider band, the senior grade officers pension will suffer so badly. However, officers of additional secy and above have for this purpose carved off as HAG+ grade with a miniumum of RS 75500/ starting pay getting them of assured pension of 37750/- while next lower grade officer get a pension of Rs 37000+12000 divide by 2ie 24500/- . Earlier the difference in pension was on less than 5 % which is now 50%. In fact pay commission has devised to affect systematically the pension of all ranks except secy and additional secy. bad work.

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