Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Armed forces refuse to implement 6th Pay Commission for time being

By Khabrein.Info News Desk,

New Delhi, Sept 11, 2008: Armed forces have refused to implement 6th Pay Commission for the time being. They are disappointed for glaring anomalies in the sixth pay commission against the middle rung army officers viz a viz civilian officers.

They have already complained on the issue of discrimination against armed forces in the pay commission recommendations that came to vogue from this month to every official, from defence minister to Prime Minister. But the issue still remains far from being solved.

In an unprecedented move last week Navy chief who met prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh also complained on the issue and wanted the anomalies to be taken care of by the government.

The armed forces chiefs have said that the anomalies in pay structure of the officials of the armed forces when compared to civilian officer may adversely affect the morale of Forces.

The main grouse of the forces revolves around the fact that the ‘‘extant parity’’ of Lt-Colonel rank officers has been lowered by retaining them in Pay Band-3 (Rs 15,600-39,100), while raising similarly placed civilians and paramilitary officers to PB-4 (Rs 37,400-67,000). The forces have also sought restoration of parity in grade pay for lower and middle rung Service officers with their civilian counterparts, who are going to get more as per the new pay scales.

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goofy said...

The way things are moving in the country, it raises a clear doubt whether the country need the Defence forces at all. The three service chiefs should tender their resignation on the disparity issue as it will not be worth to lead a dejected force. Why should officers lay down their lives when they are treated with kid gloves. I don't see any bright people joining the forces in future. Only youngsters with no job prospects outside will join to earn their living. God save the country.

Anonymous said...

goofy-do not goof with army.
you are not able to understand that you are sleeping in your house comfortably because army personnel are guarding the fronts in night times.otherwise pakistan will enter from one side and china from other and you will be again a slave.i challenge you for one week of so called kid gloving of army and be assured that you will commit suicide.mind it i am not an army man. i only know their life-deepak.

goofy said...

Deepak dear = You got to first try and understand what I have commented. My views are totally in favour of the forces and not against them. They are supposed to enjoy a much higher status that they have been given. Mind you, peace of the nation has been spoiled by these Babus and politicians more than Pakistan and China. They have spoilt the peaceful existence of the forces by downgrading them. I loose less sleep over Pak and China and more over the Politicians. Please use Dictionary next time before commenting on others comments. No offence meant please.