Monday, September 8, 2008

Chrome: Google's Windows Killer

There's big news in Google's recent release of Chrome and it's a perspective you might not have considered.

Google may be pitching Chrome as a super-duper browser, but it's really showing off its shiny, new operating system. Remember, each of Chrome's tabs is a separate window--and while you might see each window displaying a Web page, Google's thinking about applications.

This is a direct attack on Microsoft -- and I think Microsoft is worried. That's because a small kernel on your local system could boot you into directly into Chrome, or a server-based operating system, and you could start working sans Windows.

This isn't what happens right now, but I'll bet it's Google's ultimate plan. That's a good thing, because I'm not wild about Chrome as a browser. Read Chrome? I Really Want To Love Ya for my perspective.

Head in the Clouds
The idea is cloud computing, where applications and data reside on servers, and it's taking hold. (See Zoho Adds Google Docs-like File Management and Working with Google Docs, part 1 and part 2.)

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Anonymous said...

It's bugged, and it's bugged a lot. It's almost official -
I'm disappointed in Google - yeah, it's beta, but remember, how Gmail beta looked like... Looks like guys had to deliver it till deadline (10th birthday, maybe), and they were obviously short of time...
It's better than IE, but FF will live excellently long until Google fixes everything and makes enough plug-inns and versions for Mac/Linux...