Thursday, September 11, 2008

Indian govt. takes firm stand against rumormongers on Big Bang

By Khabrein.Info News Desk,
New Delhi, Sept 11, 2008: Indian government has taken firm stand against rumormongers on Big Bang Experiment at CERN. The government was concerned over rumours doing the round across the country that the Big Bang experience can bring doom for the world.

Many people across the country were seen attending to temples and mosques instead of offices. Office presence was very thin and in case of women employees it was negligible.

The rumour mongers and doomsayers seems to have done their job, scaring people and threatening them from a scientific experiment that may solves the mystery of the creation of the world.

Two leading Hindi language news channels were singled out for government threat that has acted severely against TV channels for sensationalism and even going to the extent of taking the channel off air.

Aaj Tak and India TV were sent notices by India Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for spreading misinformation, fear and horror among general public.

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