Friday, September 12, 2008

Ready for the end of the world

Ready for the end of the world

WHEN one of my mates text me last week that the end of the world was nigh this week, I was a bit baffled as to why she had chosen to point this out to me.

Of course, as a newspaper editor and columnist I am on top of the news 24/7 (ahem). But for some odd reason, I completely missed this piece of news (pretty vital when you come to think of it considering the potential consequences) that some fantastical experiment was going to take place in Switzerland which could spell the end of all of us. (I don’t think even cockroaches would get away with this one).

Some scientists would flick a switch in the centre of Europe, putting in to action some sci-fi machine, which is 15 miles in diameter, under a Swiss mountain (future James Bond villains take note), which could result in a black hole and all of us being sucked into it.

And all in order to discover what happened at the time of the Big Bang and the formation of the universe.

This story intrigues me on so many levels.

For one, the experiment will not yield instant results. Apparently it will take at least until the middle of next month for the experiment to be put into practice and years to analyse results.
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