Friday, September 5, 2008

Anomalies in 6th Pay Commission for armed forces reach Prime Minister

By Khabrien.Info News Desk,

New Delhi, Sept. 5, 2008: The issue of anomalies in 6th Pay Commission for armed forces has finally reached Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. The military is peeved at the alleged discrimination against some posts in the armed forces.

The armed forces officials had already raised the issue of anomalies in Sixth Pay Commission recommendations with the Indian Defence Minister AK Antony.

The armed forces chiefs are worried that he anomalies in the pay structure of armed forces officials viz a viz civilian officials can deter many bright young men from joining the armed forces in the future.

Even now there is a big gap of officials in the armed forces and the gap is increasing. The sort of talent that the army requires at officers level can easily get several time higher pay package than they actually get in the armed forces in India.

On Friday Navy Chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta met Dr Manmohan Singh over perceived discrimination against the armed forces. It is unprecedented for the Indian military to take its campaign for better pay to the level of the Prime Minister.

In the eye of the storm brewing in the army on the issue of revision, the Finance Ministry had on Wednesday virtually rejected military's pay demands, and the three services chiefs had on Thursday said that issues raised by them should be addressed by the country's political leadership instead of the Anomalies Committee.

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