Friday, September 5, 2008

Chrome … New browser from Google … Will it be a another Success

Till 2006, I used only Microsoft Internet explorer for browsing. But somehow I felt uncomfortable with the speed and usability of this browser. Hence i decided to look for some other browser. After using few of the browsers like Firefox, safari, opera, Moxilla & Maxthon, I decided to choose between Firefox & Opera. The firefox was chosen finally considering the tabbed browsing, security features, password saving and usability. Even I did not completely ruled out opera, as it also offered me almost similar browsing experience. But i never used Internet explorer as I always felt it’s usability features are not in sync with me. Even Internet explorer7.0, which came with tabbed browsing did not impress me. I continued with Firefox, and completely liked its tabbed features, bookmarks, pluggins, add ons and customisation.

The launch of “Chrome” from Google, tempted me to look at this new browser. I took no time to download and start using. The Google, which was known for its revolutionary search engine and other products expected to come out with something really different. The chrome offered me few very good features, but still lacked attraction.

The browser look is good, tabbed browsing experience is good, the suggestions during browsing are all really nice experience. Also it gives preview of sites you frequently visit. The boom mark and customised tab based home page experience are also better. The speed also almost comparable to Firefox. However something was missing.

The disaster is off course the toolbars. The chrome is not offering any toolbars or add ons. You can’t even put Google’s its own tool bar, leave alone yahoo or any other toolbar. This is an utter disappointment. The browser looks very simple and lacks the customisation facility of Firefox.This is only Beta version and I am sure the Google team will come up to make up for all the deficiencies. But it would have been more comfortable, had Google introduced this feature with all the facilities. To learn more about chrome click here

Till then , I am more comfortable with Firefox, which offers me hoards of features. Let’s watch , how chrome develops and compete with Internet explorer and Firefox.

I sometime wonder how Internet explorer is able to sustain its 75 % market share. Probably its marketing works for it. Firefox is far more superior then Internet explorer and is not used by many. Probably since it is a open source browser, it marketing strategy is poor and hence it is unknown to many. But Google has strength to compete with Internet explorer and I am sure Google will address all the inherent issues and comes out with the excellent browser and may give run for money to Microsoft. (Courtesy:

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