Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Bang experiment setting in panic across India

By S Abul Hasan

New Delhi, Sept 10, 2008: Big Bang experiment in Switzerland is setting in panic in different parts of India. Rumours are spreading thick and fast over the imminent end of the world that may emanate from the big bang experiment site.

Even in Delhi, the presence in bhajan and kirtan in different temples has increased manifold. People who never visit temples are queuing up to have a darshan says a priest at Kalkaji temple.

Not many people knew about the planned experiment till even a few days ago. So the news of the experiment coupled with the rumours came as a shock to most of the people.

Muslims too are feeling scared due to the rumours. It is the Muslims’ holy month of Ramadan and already people were concentrating more on prayers than in normal days, but the news seems to have panicked a number of people not only in Delhi but other parts of the country.

Maulana Muhammad Nafees though pooh-poohs the rumours and says that the end of the world is a reality that is to come. But it will come without informing anyone. He says that it is a basic religious tenet of Islam to believe that one day the world will end and people will stand trail before the Almighty God. He says that as Muslim he thinks that it was duty for every man and woman to be prepared for this eventuality.

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