Monday, September 8, 2008

Information on 6th Pay Commission pension just a call away

Khabrein.Info Correspondent,

Mumbai, September 9, 2008: Information on pensions as per 6th Pay Commission Recommendations is just a call away.

It must be good news to central government pensioners who were finding it hard to get information about the new pension amount that they would be getting.

With news on several aspects of 6th Pay Commission still sketchy pensioners specially those who live alone are finding it difficult to get information on their new salary structure as well as on amount of arrears that they may be getting.

Government has raised the amount that the pensioners would be getting. It has even improved upon the sixth pay commission recommendation in the final notification that was issued last week.

Octogenarians will now be paid an additional 20 per cent of their basic pension, while those aged 85 will get 30 per cent more, rising to 100 per cent additional pension for centurions.

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