Monday, September 8, 2008

Google buffs Chrome

Just a week after initial release, Google has rush-released an incremental upgrade to its Chrome web browser that addresses security flaws and performance glitches.

The latest Chrome beta, version, fixes a JavaScript bug that caused problems with Facebook; a glitch that saw Chrome crash when directed to a website address containing the % symbol; plus an arcane but proven security hole that allowed hackers to introduce malicious code under certain circumstances when the Save As command was used.

Anybody who downloads Chrome today will get the new version. Those who downloaded Chrome earlier are also patched; Google says its browsers has a behind-the-scenes update service that constantly supplies bugs and fixes without the user being aware. The updates take place every five hours, your company’s firewall allowing (to check the update has made it to your system, click the wrench icon on the upper right of Chrome’s interface, then select About Google Chrome. The version number shold read

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