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Sixth Pay Commission: CG Employees show their frustration

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New Delhi, Sept. 2, 2008: It seems central government employees are not very happy with Sixth Pay Commission. They have been showing their frustration in hundreds of mails they have written to Khabrein.info.

Their grouse is based on their oft repeated complaints that employees especially those who are in low grades have not done justice.

Following are just a handful views that have been sent by our readers:

By Kannan
What is so sacrosanct about July 2006. With computers and pay packages to calculate increments for any month, the new method would deprive many from earning an increment after completion of 12 months and would postpone the same cumulatively. An employee who retires in June will have to lose an increment.

Several posts have been merged with effected from merger but the example for working out revised scale appears to take away the benefit of merger from 1.1.2006. Existing pay is taken as existing pay of the lower post now merged with a higher post with effect from 1.1.2006. This kind of interpretation defeats true intention of commission, cabinet and committees.

Rules and examples there under should imbibe the objects should to be achieved. The postponement of increment and denial of pay of the merged post for fixation results in a loss of Rs.800 and more per month in a running pay band of PB2.

By Meenakshi Rajput
The increment proposal is wrong as "There will be a uniform date of annual increment, viz. 1st July of every year. Employees completing 6 months and above in the revised pay structure as on 1st of July will be eligible to be granted the increment. The first increment after fixation of pay on 1.1.2006 in the revised pay structure will be granted on 1.7.2006 for those employees for whom the date of next increment was between 1st July, 2006 to 1st Jan 2007" following this employees as me will be at loss as my increment falls on May and as on 1.1.6 my basic was 7300 my pay will be fixed taking basic as 7300 and i will be granted next increment in 1.7.7, whereas if my increment might fall two months later i.e. in July i may be granted next increment earlier i.e. on 01.01.07, ( means if Ones increment in pre revised scale was little later he would get increment in revised scale earlier, which is not at all correct.)

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