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Sixth Pay Commission: Jawans, officers show their anguish

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New Delhi, Sept 3, 2008: Army Jawans and officers are increasingly showing their anguish over injustice done by Sixth Pay Commission. Armed forces personnel both at lower level and officials have been voicing their concerns over the lack of parity that they have received from pay commission.

They say that they are the ones who are always ready to give their lives for the sake of the country. With terrorism taking root across the country they are involved in anti-terrorism operations from Jammu and Kashmir to Assam and Meghalya. They say that despite the obvious danger to their lives they have always been neglected by the government after government. Here are some views of a few officers and jawans of the armed forces that we have received recently:

Lt Col Padam Gurung,
At a time when our Army is busy fighting terrorists/ANEs in worst affected areas of the country, braving death like situation everyday on the frontiers & providing succor & relentless services to our countrymen in times of unrest & natural calamities, our Govt & its erring civil servants have blatantly dishonoured its own olive Green uniformed officers of the rank of Lieutenant colonels by downgrading their status & pay. This is most disheartening & disappointing. " GOD BLESS THE GOVT !"

SK Mishra
This is referred to the MSP awarded to the Armed Forces personnel. If Justice Srikrishna could have realised that the actual hardship of the military life is felt by the PBOR , then the allowances would have been same for all ranks. Formulating a policy sitting in a A/C room and delivering speeches about welfare of PBOR is very easy . He would have gone to the actual site to see who in real gettin gthe military hardship. Eve if at the glaciers , an officer of the armed forces enjoys the levis life of a five star quality. Have you ever heard of an officer have amputed limbs because of frost bite or have serious heat exhaustion. No. Beacuse they take more hardship being in the A/C room provided to them. From the pay scale , the allowances of an officer is more than that of a PBOR. What else you expect ? No welfare , only exploittation. Thanks Justice Srikrishna

I am very hurt about the 6th pay commission because again after 12 years we jawans have actually not benefited . In present day there very less pay from outside. And reason that no body is fighting for us. Mostly jawans and we can,t open our mouth also.then lastly we again loosres

Tell one Ias chap or his chamchas to go and spend an hour in a counter insurgency area. Babus know only chamchas and pathetic administration. with so many babus and police cops arround then why so much of corruption and criminals? With defence, atleast the country is rated with supremacy vi a vis our neighbour

Does anyone care for the soldier who takes the bullet. The man who guards the border is the soldier. He lives a life of Hardship and high Risk. It amazes me when the officers and civilian personnel continue cribbing about their hefty pay packs instead of paying more attention towards the plight of the PBORs who are the actual backbone of the Armed forces. What the government is paying them is pittance compared to the sacrifices they make. So wake up my dear officers of the armed forces. Dont forget you have excellent facilities apart from your hefty pay pack. Your soldier is suffering still.

Arun Ranade
"MISGUIDING THE ARMED FORCES BY 6TH PAY COMMISSION" This is the recent topic for discussion among the MEN IN UNIFORM.. THE pay commissions recommendations are totally inacceptable to the MEN IN UNIFORM.
The biggest myth of the sixth Central Pay Commission is the military service pay to defence officers.It has been hyped as an additional pay over their civilian counterparts. The fact is that in every other service, officers will be at least four to six years ahead of defence officers in reaching in pay scales.For example, a Colonel will reach pay band PB-4 after 18 to 19 years of service whereas in every other central service, officers will get into PB-4 within 12 to 14 years.When we add the jump in pay, grade pay and increments in the next four to five years, Colenel with his MSP of Rs 6000 will be well below his civilian counterpart.As usual the armymen have been short charged. The public has already been fed on hype of MILITARY SERVICE PAY [ MSP]But who cares? Who will speak for the fauji?.. .the IAS LOBBY has left no stone unturned to DOMINATE THE ARMED FORCES. and they hav succeeded in that...the special committee SET FOR ARMED FORCES HAS BEEN MISGUIDED....AND THE FORCES ARE FOOLED.
the commission has thrown a PIECE OF LOAF IN FRONT OF THE ARMED FORCES NAMED AS ''MILITARY SERVICE PAY ''THIS MSP is also taxable as like other pay and allowances.. At least govt. should have declared..TOTAL TAX FREE INCOME UPTO 5.00 LAKHS PER ANNUM FOR THE ARMED FORCES ONLY.. THEN ONLY we would say that the INDIAN GOVT IS WILLING TO DO SOMETHING FOR THE ARMED FORCES...who are protecting the lives of the citizons of INDIA round the clock in any type of whether conditions.

Previously a Lt Col was drawing more pay than a Civilian officer in the S-24 Pay Scale and equal to S-25. In fact the at the outer end of pay scale a Lt Col drew slightly greater than even S-25 scale. Now both S-24 and S-25 will draw a substantially higher salary even after offsetting the new benefit of MSP.
Pay Panel believes in 'Zor ka jhatka, dheere se lagaao'. They first issue press release indicating a special improvement of pay exclusively for defence and then one gets to read the fine print much later. By that time all headlines are already published based on the press release. Long live Indian bureaucracy. Even the chiefs did not get the wind of this before the notification. That speaks of the decision making process.

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A B Mehta said...

Apart from Pay, the honour given to the Armed Forces in peace time has also been devalued. As a captain in 1960, the constable at the traffic island in Lucknow used to salute but today even a Major General can drive past and the constable will continue to chat or take panmasala.
In the Air Force the casualties are mostly in officer grade specially pilots even in peace time. The casualties in J & K has atleast one offier with every 3-4 men.
One has just to compare the 'Warrant of precednce' over the years after independence and you will see the deliberate devaluation of the men in uniform. Morale is as important as training and it is high time the Govt in general and IAS officers in particular realise the damage they are causing.